Our training film projects give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to learn skills and gain knowledge through practical hands-on training. In the past we have worked in a variety of different settings – secondary schools, homeless shelters, centres for those with learning difficulties and community and youth centres.


If you are interested in Third Sector Media setting up an education or training film project with your organisation, please get in contact. 





CHURCH STREET – (3.01 minutes)

A film about Church Street created by the King Solomon Academy students.

A project supported by Westminster Council through the Create Church Street Arts & Culture funding.



ISLAMOPHOBIA – Is it the media to blame?  (10.10 minutes)

Westminster Academy students explore the issue of Islamophobia and its representation in the media.



ON FAITH (7.35 minutes)

Eight 13-14 year-olds are involved in a film-making project around a theme of faith tolerance. Meeting every week for three months the group wrote the script and shot the film. This project was presented at a special screening at the school.



THE WAY I FEEL (3.51 minutes)

A group of young people (aged 16-25) created a script and shot a short film based on a poem one of the group had written about her disability. ‘The Way I Feel’. Young people were recruited to this project through local youth clubs, community groups and schools in Westminster.



I LIKE CROXLEY (2.42 minutes)

This project involves working with a group of eight young people with learning disabilities. It’s based around their individual passions and features the group themselves.